Thermal Imaging Inspections

We See Things That Others Cannot…

We are very excited to offer Thermal Imaging Inspections!

Infrared Thermal Imaging is a non-invasive, non-destructive way of evaluating conditions below the surface. This allows us to detect small, but crucial differences in temperature throughout the house within the building materials.  Infrared Thermal Imaging allows us to locate moisture behind the walls, beneath the floors and above the ceilings. Moisture often leads to mold growth inside your home.

Thermal cameras are amazing tools with the power to reveal hidden problems that other technologies can’t detect, but understanding what you’re looking at with thermal imaging isn’t always easy. That’s why it’s so important to hire someone with the proper training and experience that can correctly interpret thermal anomalies. 

Moisture detection, including hidden plumbing leaks, roof leaks, wet insulation and other moisture entry places like foundation, basement or crawl space.

Thermal Imaging, Roof Leak

Reinspection of completed repairs to confirm the work of a contractor, technician or homeowner.

Energy loss stemming from poor or missing insulation, damaged HVAC ducts, flue leaks, broken window seals and weak thermal barrier points like doors, windows, attics and more.

Other issues commonly found are:

  • Electrical hotspots
  • Pest
  • Problems in the wall cavities

We do a basic thermal scan on all Full Home Inspections at no additional cost but also exclusive Thermal inspections for residential and commercial applications. From roofs, electrical panels, energy loss, repair confirmation, etc. So many useful applications for thermal inspections and Homestead Property Inspections have you covered.

Thermal Services Provided

  • Single family home thermal walkthrough

  • Muti-family home thermal walkthrough

  • Hotel Inspections

  • Commercial Inspections (Roof, electric panels, building exterior, windows, etc.)

  • Solar Panel Inspections

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I am a Certified Residential Thermographer by Monroe Infrared and Infrared Certified through InterNACHI

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