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Safeguard Your Family‘s Health With Florida’s Premium Water Testing Services

Did you know that over 7.2 million Americans fall sick each year due to water-borne illnesses? 

Your tap water may look crystal clear and taste absolutely fine, but it can still have hundreds of disease-causing chemicals and microorganisms. 

We provide all-inclusive water tests for both residential and commercial properties. Our water testing service is backed by a team of seasoned experts boasting unmatched credentials.

In short, we detect everything that’s lurking in your water with zero margin of error. 

It starts with a consultation call where we walk you through our services and prepare a quote for free.

Skip The Uncertainty And Get A Clear Picture Of Municipal Water Quality

Municipal water supply, among other public water systems, is considered clean and safe to drink. But there’s a good chance your water has impurities and other potentially harmful elements. 

For instance, excessive chlorine and metal content resulting from treatment, rusty or broken pipelines, etc., can lead to anywhere from minor stomach woes to severe health conditions. 

Our home water testing services include extensive on-site and lab testing of public water supplies. We detect and analyze every chemical component in your water sample to determine if it’s actually safe for you. 

Our test results are based on scientific testing methods to derive an accurate picture of your tap water condition.

Comprehensive Well Water Testing Services For Family Homes

Over 23 million households have a well water supply, making it the second most popular source of household water after public supplies. 

Unfortunately, private water wells are not regulated by the EPA, meaning the responsibility for testing your water lies with you.

Our well water testing service is specially curated for homeowners like you, where we carry tests to identify everything from hard water symptoms to contaminants. We also send your water samples for lab-tests to check for human-induced pollutants.

We equip you with concrete information about the true condition of your well water.

Schedule a no-cost consultation and get a free-of-charge quote for your well water testing.

Based on 140 reviews
Amy Sperrazza
Amy Sperrazza
December 14, 2023
Nate Standifer was professional, thorough, and personable. He took the time to go over the inspection with me when finished and showed me where the electrical and water turn on/off were located along with going over general maintenance of the home with me. The times I've needed to speak to him he was available and happy to answer my questions.
Pam Jacob
Pam Jacob
December 13, 2023
Nate was punctual, detailed, and thorough. Highly recommend.
Daryl Prusow
Daryl Prusow
November 30, 2023
Quick Service amazing work!
Joseph Senna
Joseph Senna
November 24, 2023
Outstanding service! Extremely thorough, efficient and courteous! Would definitely recommend
Rosa Milani
Rosa Milani
November 22, 2023
Update: Used another guy for an inspection last month because Nate was busy and I regret it. Should have just waited for Nate. Good news is that I had another inspection that Nate was free for last weekend and wow! He is THE GUY. Extremely thorough, professional, with same-day reports and pictures. Couldn't have asked for a better experience. I had called around to 4 companies in the area, and I am beyond happy with our selection. Just call him - You won't regret it.
Paula Richardson
Paula Richardson
November 19, 2023
Nate was very thorough, professional and curtious. Showed up when he said he would be there. Very satisfied.
Lowell Swartz
Lowell Swartz
November 10, 2023
I couldn't ask for a better service than what i experienced with Nate Standifer. The home he inspected for me is in Florida and I'm in Michigan. I had no issues working remotely with Nate. He was prompt, efficient, comprehensive and friendly to my representative.
kate wells
kate wells
November 8, 2023
I recently had a home inspection by Nate Standifer of Homestead Property Inspections. He was extremely responsive to any and all questions prior to the inspection. During the inspection he exhibited the highest degree of professionalism. Even though this was a new construction with the expectation that problems would be minimal, his thoroughness and attention to detail revealed numerous deficiencies that would not be apparent to a typical new home buyer. This was invaluable in conducting the new home inspection with the home builder to identify problem areas for remediation. I highly recommend Nate Sandifer with Homestead Property Inspections. I would not purchase a home (new or older) without an inspection by someone with Nate's expertise.
Beverly Cornett
Beverly Cornett
November 5, 2023
Nate was phenomenal! He thoroughly evaluated the house from the crawlspace to the attic. Nate was able to detect issues, as well as suggest solutions. He was personable, knowledgeable, and reasonably priced. His report was detailed and easy to understand. Nate was willing to answer all our questions and was extremely patient. We would definitely recommend Nate for any home inspection!

A Few Words From The Owner Himself…

Hello there. I am Nate Standifer, the owner of Homestead Property Inspections LLC, and a licensed and experienced home inspector committed to providing thorough and accurate home inspections for potential homeowners in the Manatee and Sarasota County area. With over 10 years of experience conducting telecommunications, low voltage electrical inspections, and now home inspections, I have developed comprehensive expertise across the various systems and components that make up a home.

My approach is grounded in the Golden Rule – treating others with the kindness and respect I hope to receive in return. I believe this principle is often lacking in society today, so I aim to do my part in bringing it back. Your family’s safety and security are my top priorities during every home inspection. You can trust in my team’s commitment, dedication and integrity throughout the process.

I take pride in building strong relationships with each client. My goal is to provide you with a detailed inspection report and make you feel informed, empowered, and confident in your decision-making. We adhere to InterNACHI’s rigorous Standards of Practice and pursue ongoing training and education to deliver exceptional service. I am devoted to going above and beyond your expectations, ensuring your complete satisfaction, and helping you successfully meet your real estate goals. My team and I look forward to working together.


A List of Certifications To Share Nate’s Professional Accolades

InterNACHI certificate
Safe workplace inspector badge
Air quality inspector badge
Pool spa inspector badge
Wind Mitigation Inspector badge
Mold Inspector badge
Inspector badge
Roof Inspector badge
Deck Inspector Badge
Exterior Inspector certification

Why Homestead PI Is Your One-stop Shop For Dependable Water Testing Services?

We bring a rare fusion of unparalleled skill sets and next-gen water testing tools, ensuring nothing but superior results.

Seasoned Specialists

With over a decade in the industry, we have tested water supplies in 790+ homes and prepared custom solutions for thorough elimination of pollutants.

Unmatched Expertise

Among Florida’s top-notch water testing agencies, we carry numerous national and state certifications and test your water precisely to EPA and WHO norms.

Cutting-Edge Equipment

From SDI and PDS testers to pH and ORP meters to digital thermometers and quality test instruments, we’re equipped with the latest water testing gear.

Shortest Timeline

We carry out a comprehensive three-tier lab testing of your water samples and guarantee a detailed test report within 5 business days (or less).

Professional Guidance

Our services are not limited to providing a water test report. We also guide you on the best ways to purify your water at no extra cost.

Our Simplified 5-step Process For A Hassle-free Water Testing



Our first step starts with a free consultation where we acquaint ourselves with the nitty-gritty of your requirements and walk you through our packages.


Sample Collection

We schedule a site visit to gather the samples of your water supply. We don’t limit samples to one source and rather collect them from every faucet.


Lab Analysis

This step involves an in-depth analysis of the water samples using leading-edge tools to detect and identify even the minutest of pollutants.


Test Results

Upon analysis, we compile and email you an elaborate report detailing the results of the test and our recommendations for water quality improvement.


Ongoing Support

While stranded testing services are limited to lab testing and reporting, we walk the extra length and assist you with water purification methods.

Our Water Testing Service Options Include:

Required FHA Water Test

Basic Water Test

Premium Water Test

Frequently Asked Questions

A water testing service, in simple words, is a comprehensive test of your home’s water supply. Herein, samples from both well and municipal water supply are collected and analyzed to check whether they meet the EPA standards for safe drinking water.

Also, experts use specialized equipment to detect pollutants of all kinds, including toxic chemicals and disease-causing microorganisms.

Be it municipal or well water supply, there’s a fair chance that both water sources are polluted.

So, by getting your water tested, you can get to know what’s exactly in your clean-looking water and how you can get rid of the harmful elements.

We provide three kinds of municipal and water well testing services, namely:

  • Required FHA water testing

This test is designed to meet the FHA water testing requirements necessary before home purchases. It tests for pollutants such as Total Coliform, Iron, Lead, E.coli, pH, Turbidity, Nitrate, Nitrite and Total Nitrate/Nitrite.

  • Basic water testing

Our Basic Water Test is specially curated to cover essential water contaminants and attributes, and it helps you get a general overview of your water quality. If you’re not suspecting a major issue with your water but you want to be sure, this test should be ideal for you.

Also, if you have a water softener, reverse osmosis, radon mitigation system, UV filter, or arsenic filtration and want to check its effectiveness, this test will do so.

  • Premium water testing

As the name suggests, the Premium Water Test package is meant to detect a huge range of natural and chemical pollutants, including cancer-causing elements.

If you’ve never availed this kind of test or you stay near any gas stations or industrial properties, we strongly recommend this.

Home water testing can cost you anywhere between $25 and $400, depending on the service you opt for and the extent of testing needed.

However, there isn’t a fixed water testing cost as it varies for different homes and the type of water it receives.

Premium Water Testing Backed By InterNACHI Guarantee!

Our water testing services are at the top of the game and are backed by a $25,000 honor guarantee.