Licensed and Certified Home Inspection North Port FL

We provide a full home inspection in North Port, FL, along with other inspection types as per your specific needs. Whether you are a buyer or a seller, we take care of property examinations and help you go on the path to make the right and informed choice.

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Licensed and Certified Home Inspection North Port FL

We provide a full home inspection in North Port, FL, along with other inspection types as per your specific needs. Whether you are a buyer or a seller, we take care of property examinations and help you go on the path to make the right and informed choice.

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Homestead Property Inspections stands as the trusted and certified provider of home inspection services in South Florida. Our accomplished team boasts decades of collective experience, dedicated to delivering meticulous and accurate inspections for our valued clients. We proudly hold the InterNACHI certification, signifying our unwavering commitment to upholding the highest industry standards and a stringent code of ethics. Our inspections leave no aspect of your property unexamined, comprehensively covering everything from the roof to the foundation. We employ cutting-edge technology and advanced report-writing software to create a comprehensive and easily digestible report. Rest assured, at Homestead Property Inspections, your peace of mind is our priority.


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Based on 129 reviews
Andrew Barnard
Andrew Barnard
October 19, 2023
I am proud to recommend Homestead Property Inspectors to my clients. Nate is a trusted business partner.
Mel Lockhart
Mel Lockhart
October 17, 2023
Nate was VERY knowledgeable in all aspects of Construction. He did a very thorough inspection, the report was very detailed and he got it back to us the same day. Definitely recommend Nate for home inspections!! Thank you! Mel and Maria
Pat Carter
Pat Carter
October 13, 2023
Nate is very detailed about his inspections and very informative with explaining his findings. He gives good recommendations as to what he feels should be done to eradicate issues. I highly recommend his services. Thank you Nate!
Bob Phillips
Bob Phillips
October 13, 2023
Our inspector, Nate, was professional and very knowledgeable. He was punctual, answered all our questions, showed us problem areas immediately and explained critical items as he thoroughly inspected our home. The report he provides upon completion is very detailed and greatly helped us decide our plan going forward on the home. I highly recommend Nate and Homestead Property Inspections and would use him/them again.
Jessica J
Jessica J
October 12, 2023
Can not recommend enough. Excellent attention to detail, well written and clear inspection reports, quick response, and professional. You are in good hands with this business!
Brandi Pate
Brandi Pate
October 6, 2023
Nate was very thorough with the home we were purchasing! He responded very promptly to our request for an inspection. He also gave us follow-up recommendations for repairs on the home. Thanks Nate for an outstanding job! I would highly recommend Nate for your home inspection.
Michelle Kelly
Michelle Kelly
October 5, 2023
Nate is the best! I called him late Monday afternoon, he was able to squeeze me in for the next morning and returned the requested reports to me within 2 hours of the inspection. His inspection report was thorough and concise. I will be recommending Nate to everyone I know!
Allison Sarver
Allison Sarver
October 3, 2023
Nate was quick to respond to my request as I was in need of a 4 point inspection for insurance reasons. He was able to fit us in quickly for an appointment. He was very professional and quick to update me with results of the inspection.
Michael Molinaro
Michael Molinaro
October 3, 2023
I have had a lot of inspections, never one this good. The report was done immediately and sent to me. This is the guy to get!
Steve Roy
Steve Roy
October 2, 2023
Nate did an absolutely fabulous job on the inspection as well as making suggestions on what level of professional to repair various items and suggestions for vendors as well. Highly recommend him!


Hello, I’m Nate Standifer, owner and operator of Homestead Property Inspections LLC, a licensed and experienced home inspector for potential homebuyers across Manatee and Sarasota Counties.

With over a decade inspecting complex telecommunications systems, low voltage electrical, and residential properties, I’ve cultivated comprehensive expertise across the many systems and components that make up a home. My in-depth inspection process strictly follows InterNACHI’s rigorous Standards of Practice to ensure every detail is covered.

My approach upholds the principle of the Golden Rule – treating every client with the utmost respect, care, and dedication that I would wish to receive myself. Your family’s complete safety and well-being are my top priorities throughout the inspection. You can rely on my honesty, commitment, and integrity each step of the way.

Building trusting relationships with homebuyers is extremely important to me. My goal is to provide you with a meticulously detailed inspection report to help you make fully informed, empowered decisions about this major investment. I actively pursue continuing training and education to deliver premium service.

I’m devoted to far exceeding your expectations, ensuring your complete confidence and satisfaction, and assisting you in seamlessly accomplishing your real estate ambitions. My team and I are excited to build a trusting relationship with you and ensure a smooth home-buying experience.



InterNACHI certificate
Safe workplace inspector badge
Air quality inspector badge
Pool spa inspector badge
Wind Mitigation Inspector badge
Mold Inspector badge
Inspector badge
Roof Inspector badge
Deck Inspector Badge
Exterior Inspector certification



Our roof inspection covers the roof structure, shingles/tiles, flashing, gutters, and related elements, ensuring we detect potential issues that might necessitate future repairs.


We thoroughly inspect the exterior components, focusing on siding, trim, eaves, soffits, doors, walkways, and surface conditions to ensure the home’s weather resistance.

HVAC Systems

We assess air handlers, furnaces, heat pumps, AC units, thermostats, ducts, vents, and filters for efficient operation, providing you with optimal indoor comfort.


Our plumbing inspection systematically checks water supply, drainage systems, fixtures, water heaters, supply pipes, and drain pipes for leaks, corrosion, or clogs, ensuring the plumbing’s integrity.


We examine the electrical service panel, outlets, wiring, breakers, grounding, and fixtures for safety hazards or code violations, guaranteeing your home’s electrical system is secure and compliant.

Built-In Appliances

In-depth tests on built-in appliances like refrigerators, stoves, dishwashers, and more ensure safe, hassle-free operation, avoiding unexpected issues and expenses.

Interior Inspection

Doors, windows, walls, ceilings, floors, and cabinets are scrutinized for structural issues and safety concerns, providing you with a full picture of your home’s condition.

Structural Elements

We closely examine the foundation, load-bearing elements, and crawl spaces for cracks, moisture, or structural issues that could impact the home’s stability and safety.

Attic & Insulation

We assess attic ventilation, insulation, and potential issues like leaks and pests for a safe and efficient attic space, helping maintain your home’s energy efficiency and safety.

And further…

As part of our package, we include a complimentary infrared scan to uncover hidden risks, providing you with added confidence and peace of mind in your investment.


Buyer Home Inspection

Thorough assessment of a property’s condition to inform potential buyers about any issues.

Seller Home Inspection

Pre-listing examination to identify and address issues before selling a home.

Condo and Villa Inspection

Evaluating the interior and common areas of condominiums and villas for defects and maintenance needs.

New Home Inspection

Reviewing a recently constructed property for quality, code compliance, and workmanship.

Warranty Inspection

Identifying defects or issues in a home nearing the end of its builder’s warranty for repairs.

New Construction Inspection

Ongoing assessments during the construction process to ensure quality and compliance with plans.

Pool and Spa Inspection

Inspection of pools and spas for safety, functionality, and maintenance requirements.

So, if you ever need an experience-driven home inspection in North Port FL, you can reach out to our team and we will be happy to guide you further.



Initial Consultation

We will first do an initial walkthrough of your North Port home to understand your objectives, provide a quote, answer preliminary questions, and develop a customized inspection plan.


Property Research

Before arriving, we will research the history of your home, including original plans, permits issued, and past inspection reports to identify areas needing close scrutiny.



Our inspectors will thoroughly examine the full interior and exterior of your home, testing all systems and components using our comprehensive inspection checklist tailored for Florida.


On-Site Discussion of Findings

Right after finishing, we will walk through your home again, explaining our findings in detail, identifying issues, and addressing any concerns while on-site.


Detailed Inspection Report

You will receive a comprehensive report the same day clearly documenting the results, highlighting concerns through photos/annotations, and summarizing priority maintenance needs.


Consultation on Repairs

If major defects are discovered, we will consult with you on the next steps, provide referrals to local contractors, and assist in obtaining repair estimates.


Ongoing Home-Related Assistance

Even after the inspection, we are available to answer home-related questions, provide seasonal maintenance tips, and offer consultations.


Highly Trained Inspectors

Our inspectors complete extensive training, certifications, and continuing education to be experts in home inspections.

Clear, Concise Reporting

We know homes, not technical jargon. Our reports are easy to understand so you know your home’s condition.

Guidance Beyond Inspecting

We don’t just inspect, we advise. We provide guidance on repairs, renovations, maintenance, and home-related matters.

Objective & Ethical

With no stake in the sale, our sole loyalty is to the buyer. We are motivated by protecting you.

Cutting-Edge Inspection Tools

We use the latest technologies and equipment for thorough, non-invasive home inspections you can trust.


Nestled along the southwest coast of Florida, North Port is a charming city known for its warm weather, natural beauty, and growing population. As one of the largest cities by area in the state, North Port spans over 104.16 square miles, of which 99.58 is occupied by lush, undeveloped land. The city was master-planned in 1959 by General Development Corporation and has since flourished into a popular suburb of the Sarasota metro area.

With its abundance of scenic preserves, parks, and golf courses, North Port is an ideal location for outdoor enthusiasts. It also features over 100 miles of navigable waterways, making it a boater’s paradise. However, alongside nature, continued development has become a defining feature of North Port. New home construction and neighborhoods have rapidly emerged across the city over the last decade. According to census data, North Port’s population has more than doubled since 2000.

Frequently Asked Questions

A home inspection is a comprehensive examination of a property, typically carried out during the process of buying or selling a house. This task is performed by a professional known as a home inspector. Reputable organizations, such as ASHI (American Society of Home Inspectors) and InterNACHI (International Association of Certified Home Inspectors), recognize and accredit licensed or certified home inspectors.

During a home inspection, the inspector meticulously evaluates various elements and systems of the property, including:

  1. Roofing Materials
  2. Exterior and Cladding
  3. Concrete Foundation
  4. Basement and Storage Spaces
  5. Crawlspaces and Attics
  6. Plumbing Fixtures
  7. Electrical Systems
  8. Heating and Cooling Systems
  9. Accessible Storage Areas

The primary goal is to assess the structural integrity, functionality, and overall condition of components such as walls, ceilings, floors, windows, doors, and the garage. The inspection concludes with a detailed report, highlighting any necessary repairs or replacements, which is valuable for both potential buyers and sellers. This information empowers informed decisions regarding property transactions, averting unexpected and costly surprises down the road. If you’re in search of a home inspector in North Port, we’re here to assist you.

Would you like to learn more about the intricacies of home inspections? Check out our dedicated blog here: What is a home inspection?

Our home inspection services encompass the following areas and cities:

  • Hillsborough County
  • Manatee County
  • Sarasota County
  • Desoto County

These areas encompass a wide range of locations, including Bradenton,Sarasota, Riverview, Ruskin, Sun City, Palmetto, Parrish, Ellenton, Lakewood Ranch, Anna Maria Island, Bradenton Beach, Myakka City, Arcadia, Venice, North Port, and all the places in between.

We are at your service 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, ensuring maximum flexibility to accommodate your scheduling needs.

I’m a Certified Professional Inspector (CPI) based in Myakka City, FL. This certification is endorsed by the International Association of Certified Home Inspectors (InterNACHI®) and reflects years of experience and unwavering commitment to excellence. With backgrounds spanning various fields, including construction and HVAC, my expertise has grown to encompass thorough home inspections. The commitment is to treat clients with the utmost respect and courtesy they deserve.

Certainly. We offer comprehensive inspection reports with same-day delivery. These reports are enriched with high-quality imagery and organized for easy comprehension, segmented into sections for your convenience. They are also optimized for mobile access, ensuring convenience while you’re on the move.

Certainly. We highly encourage clients to schedule a consultation before securing a home inspection service with Homestead Property Inspections. Feel free to get in touch with us at (941) 932-0095 or via email at to discuss your unique needs and concerns. Our team is at your disposal around the clock, making it easy for you to connect with us. If you’re seeking professional home inspection in North Port, FL, our team is here to support you.

Home Inspection is Not a Choice; It is a Necessity!

Buying a home is a big decision – don’t take chances. Our experienced home inspectors thoroughly evaluate all aspects of the home and provide a detailed report so you know exactly what you’re getting. Schedule your inspection today for confidence and clarity.

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