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11 Month Home Inspection: Why Is It So Important?

Buying a newly constructed home can be the most reassuring real estate investment. After all, there’s no worry about structural, electrical, or any other potential problems.  You move into a brand new home in what is likely a new neighborhood and enjoy your sweet abode carefree. At least, this is what real estate companies promise […]


Is A Home Inspection Required For A Conventional Loan? 

Residential properties, including family homes and condos, among others, are the hot sellers on the real estate market. And among all mortgage options, conventional loans have turned out to be an overwhelmingly favorite method of financing a new home.  Not to mention, a lot of existing homeowners are also looking to conventional mortgages for refinancing, […]

How Much Is A Home Inspection In Florida? 

You’ll agree when we say that a home inspection is the most crucial test to understand a home’s robustness and longevity.  In fact, be it purchasing a home or undertaking repairs and renovations, an inspection report is considered the benchmark for deciding the best course of action.  And that’s exactly why an overwhelming majority of […]

Do Home Inspections Check For Asbestos?

A complete home inspection is considered the gold standard to learn about the build quality and longevity of a home, among others. So much so that almost every homebuyer seeks to conduct an inspection before making a purchase.  In fact, thorough home inspections are considered even more crucial when purchasing older homes since they’re more […]